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From Greenboards To You

Greenboards aims to facilitate the exchange of information about the best educational options according to students’needs and preferences.

If you're a student who aims to study abroad, you're in the right place.

The Greenboards platform is built with the knowledge that studying abroad requires a high level of commitment and research. Considering financial aspects, time invested and more, making the wrong decision is not an option for you.

Greenboards was developed with the main objective of showcasing the STUDENTS’ opinions. We hope the valuable information contained in this website will help you make better educational decisions. You can also use this platform to compare schools before choosing one.

You may choose to sign up for a user profile, or if you so decide, remain anonymous. We respect our users' privacy, but we ask you to be sincere and use respectful language.

Support Your Community

Greenboards strives to offer authentic reviews about educational institutions. Here, users can explore comments written by other students about their prospective schools and also help the community by reviewing schools they have attended.

The reviews focus on criteria such as teaching quality, instructors, course material and learning resources. More than that, students can also point out pros and cons of studying at each of the institutions.

Greenboards aims to help students make good decisions based on authentic resources. You can also take advantage of the comparison page located on your profile to help you find the option that best suits your needs.

Values For You

Greenboards believes transparency is essential when it comes to education. Because of this, greenboards thrusts student’s voices into the spotlight.
Greenboards promises to responsibly portray information that allows students to make an informed choice.
Greenboards believes that knowledge is one of the best ways to develop a society and that easy access to information about educational institutions is important.
Greenboards believes that greater accessibility to information will most likely open doors and bring a brighter future for all.
This platform was built with the endeavour to promote authentic and insightful testimonials, from students to students, so they can make choices based on their own needs. Greenboards understands education isn’t one size fits all, so our recommendation is always: consider all your options and choose the institution that is right for YOU.
Greenboards is committed to connecting and supporting the student community’s growth with digital common ground and instructive goals through an accessible and ever evolving portal.