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Did you know it’s harder to win over a new student than cultivating a good relationship with the current ones? The authentic online word-of-month is one of the most powerful tools to get new customers.

Delighted students inspire others to get enrolled in the same schools or courses. Thinking of it, Greenboards is here as a simple tool to communicate the job you have done for them.

By joining us, you may improve the user experience by listening and communicating with them, other than supporting their academic lives with tips and relevant information. Besides this, you have the freedom to update your school profile information, highlight new and special courses as some of the features you can have on your own page when you become a partner. Furthermore, deeper interaction with students by having the opportunity to answer to their reviews about your institution.

Packages of media kits and features on Greenboards are offered according to your needs. If you represent a registered institution or wish to be part of our website, fill out the form below.

We are here to help and answer any questions you may have.

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