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7200 Rue Hutchison, Montreal, QC H3N 1Z2, Canadá
Foundation: 1981
Education Level: Language School
Language School

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  • domain 3.5 Teaching Quality - Teachers/Instructors and Methodology
  • group 2.5 Facilities - Cleanliness, Classrooms, Food court, Cafeteria
  • book 3.5 Material Support - Books and Digital Resources
  • room 4.0 Location - Easy Access to Public Transport, Restaurants and General Establishments
  • mood 1.5 Social Activities - Out-Of-Class Opportunities to Practice the Learnings
2021-12-09 22:14:37
General, In-Person,
“It all depends on the instructor”
I took courses with four different instructors and two of them were really engaged in providing an interesting learning experience. They would not limit the class to the content prepared by the Immigration, Franscisation et Intégration, bringing lots of extra material, including songs, articles and videos about history, news, curiosities and culture. They would also correct our pronunciation and try to make us improve.

Two of the instructors would just present the theory and ask us to do written exercises and read it out loud. Very boring.

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If you are lucky to get a got instructor you will learn and have a good time.
  • domain 3 Teaching Quality
  • group 2 Facilities
  • book 3 Material Support
  • room 4 Location
  • mood 1 Social Activities
2021-12-10 16:29:40
General, In-Person, 50 weeks, 20 hours/week
“Quebec Francisation works, if you really wish to learn!”
Free Francisation course funded by Quebec’s immigration branch; The school is basic, but it accomplishes its function; I found fun to be in it with a diverse range of ages, countries of origin and paths of life; Contents and pathway well thought and good balance among writing, reading, grammar and conversation; Both the school and the program present you with the language and cultural aspects of Quebec; The administration was very present and willing to help, and the staff was friendly.

The school was a bit messy with handling registration and student records, it looked like it missed attention to detail. Some teachers were vary basic with not much will to adapt to the class for better learning. On the first half of my training, the installations were very poor, but the school improved a lot by moving to a nicer building nearby in the subsequent year.

Highlight a teacher
Teacher Bernard was great! Very strict, sounding sometimes a bit aggressive, but his intentions were the best, promoting Quebec in several aspects with activities and subjects out of the original program. We learned QC’s geography, history, economy, landmarks apart from solely the language, with several songs, films, poetry, readings, presentations (we had todo!) and life stories. I am happy to have studied with this teacher and that I’ve learned more than what was on the grammar, and learned to value the Quebecer’s culture.
  • domain 4 Teaching Quality
  • group 3 Facilities
  • book 4 Material Support
  • room 4 Location
  • mood 2 Social Activities

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General - This type of course comprises writing, reading, listening and speaking skills, and you are placed according to your level of fluency (beginner, intermediate or advanced). Generally English as a Second Language Programs are classified as General because they can be useful for different purposes such as work, study and travel. Grammar | English as a Second Language | Everyday English communication

Language: French

Course Format: In person

Minimum Course Length (weeks): 11

Maximum Course Length (weeks): 11

Minumum Student Age: 16

Price : CAD $ 25

Total Hours: 132

Hours Per Week: 12

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